4G LTE Data

4G / LTE Data Internet Connections

Routers & Antennas Installation From Netsimplicity Tunbridge Wells

Netsimplicity can install 4G LTE Routers and Antenna at your home or business, this is an alternative for fast internet connection should fibre or cable options not be available to you.

Cellular NetworkMost major mobile companies such as O2, Vodafone, EE and Three all offer data services with various data only contracts to meet your monthly data requirements.

4G Data Sim4G / LTE differs from the common types of broadband, rather then using a telephone cable or coax connections it uses a Data Sim, the same as you would find in any mobile phone.

There are several steps to follow for a 4G Data Service.

  1. Site Survey [Check signal availability and data rates].
  2. Sign up to a service provider for data services [O2, Vodafone, EE, Three].
  3. Installation of Router and Antenna.
  4. Configuration in to existing network if required.

The speeds achieve can vary enormously, it is dependant on your distance from the 4G Network Mast, certain providers may have a mast nearer than another, so a site survey is important to determine the availability and distance.

Speed can not be guaranteed, but if you’re within a reasonable distance from the 4G Mast is feasible you will achieve better results than standard ADSL broadband connections, in many cases better than Fibre.


A typical 4G Broadband installation consist of a 4G LTE router which can be installed at any location with a main power socket, but usually best in a room on an outside wall of the property, the antenna cable then can be easily feed through the wall and the antenna mounted at a convenient outside location.

The 4G router can then either work on its own as a WiFi router or connected via ethernet cable to a network to provide the internet connection, sometime additional Access Points are hardware to allow better coverage to larger dwellings.

4G Internet Connection for Business 

4G Router can also supply ‘Fall Over’ or a redundant system to an existing broadband connection, this allows continuity of business should your main broadband connection fail, this type of system is an essential asset to any business that relies on the internet for the day to day operation. This type of failsafe can be configured to automatically switch should the main connection fail.

4G For Rural Locations

The 4G LTE connection is often the only solution for rural location that can’t access conversional phone line internet at a reliable speed, providing you have a 4G mast at a reasonable distance you are likely to achieve better speed compared with the traditional method.

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