WiFi Interference

WiFi Interference Scanning from Netsimplicity Tunbridge Wells

WiFi SurveyMany homes and businesses have trouble with WiFi connections, you can spend hours on the phone to your ISP technical support and still not get the problem resolved, this maybe down to¬†Interference from an unknown source which can cause major headaches and can be difficult to diagnose, symptoms can include slow network speeds, drop outs and disconnections, the question is what causes this to happen! Many of today’s device work on the same frequencies, such as baby monitors, microwave ovens, Bluetooth and even your hand-held home phone, all of these device have an effect on your WiFi performance. A complete scan of the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies is required to find the issue and plan a resolution to make your connections as stable as possible. If you have asked the following questions it’s possible that you’re suffering from some external stray RF signals, many electronic devices share the RF spectrum where your WiFi transmits and receives.
  • My WiFi keep dropping out?
  • I sometime have trouble connection to my WiFi?
  • I can’t connect to WiFi in certain areas on my home or business?
  • My WiFi doesn’t work at all?

Specialist WiFi Scanning on all Frequencies

Scanning for RF interference requires special equipment which looks at the whole RF spectrum and not just the WiFi frequencies, a standard network scanner that you can download for your smart phone, tablet or laptop will not be able to do this as it’s unable to see anything other than the WiFi signal. Sources of interference include, microwaves, phones, Bluetooth devices and many other common electronics that you can find in your home and office. It is not always possible to remove the interference source as this could be something external, but there are other steps which can be taken to help you with a poor Wi-Fi signal. WiFi problems aren’t always the result of interference so your first course of action should always be to check that your router is working correctly and not next to any source that may interfere with it, if then you exhausted the many probabilities then the next step would be to get your home or business scanned. WiFi InterferanceScanning your home or business is a straight forward operation and depending on the size of the property should take under an hour, the scanning equipment will not interfere with anything within your home or business. With the result of the scan we can determine what the necessary steps are to resolve the WiFi issue you’re experiencing and implement the solution. Contact us to book an appointment to scan your home or business if you think you’re suffering from interference issues.