WiFi Networks

Domestic & Commercial Wi-Fi Network Installation from Netsimplicity Tunbridge Wells

WiFi InstallationWe’ve installed WiFi Networks in a wide variety of buildings to meet many different requirements. With installations ranging from high performance commercial environments to smaller domestic WiFi Networks, whatever your requirement our team can build a fast-resilient network to meet the most demanding technical criteria.

No job is too large, small or complex for us to carry out. If you need of a bespoke WiFi network, our expert engineers will perform a site survey and discuss your specific requirements for the network in order for us to provide personalised quotation.

WiFi Solutions

Our services include all wireless installation and mounting activities:

  • A physical site assessment to confirm suitability of each intended mounting location
  • Confirmation of suitable AC power capacity and availability
  • Installation of required structured Ethernet cable (both indoor and outdoor installation)
  • Specialty installation feature design and installation including:
    • trenching
    • overhead aerial cables
    • tower or pole erection
  • Mounting of all access points and antennas including required antenna cable runs and antenna grounding
  • Installation of appropriately weather-rated or fire-rated wireless network equipment enclosures
  • Interconnection of the WiFi system to the existing IP network infrastructure
  • Equipment turn-up and on-site configuration
  • Post-installation coverage and connectivity verification
  • Complete Wireless Network Installation Services

Wireless Installations

  • Indoor Wireless Installations
  • Outdoor Wireless Installations
    • Point to Point Wireless
    • Point to Multi Point Wireless
    • Wireless Mesh Network


WiFi SignalOur custom built WiFi solutions consider everything from your premises size, construction and types of device connecting to the network. Whether it be high network congestion or any other obstacles or interference which could affect signal levels, our engineers will take this into account when designing the network. Our engineering team will design and install a network that guarantees coverage to pre-defined signal level to ensure even the smallest of devices like phones and even watches have fast stable connections.

Survey & Design

SurveyOnce arranged, one of our experienced engineers will attend site and perform a wireless survey. This will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles which would hinder WiFi coverage. The survey looks all aspects of the building or venue and incorporates a full spectrum analysis. The engineer will also check the type of internet connection currently used on site as this plays a major role in the WiFi experience. Once the survey is complete, the engineer will compile a report with their findings and the required works to provide strong coverage throughout.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements and arrange a no obligation site survey.