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WiFi Networks and Cabled Networks for Domestic and Commercial customers in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Network Hardwire InstallationLocated in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we offer our services to the surrounding community. Our specialization encompasses residential and commercial WiFi networks, alongside hardwired cabling solutions. We are proficient in a variety of tasks that include enhancing current installations, designing new network systems, and troubleshooting inadequate WiFi coverage.


WiFi SignalEnsuring reliable internet connectivity is paramount in today’s interconnected world. With the proliferation of devices, from smartphones to smart appliances, maintaining a robust network is essential for seamless communication and productivity. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or staying connected with loved ones, a dependable network ensures uninterrupted access to information and services. 

We can we help you with?

  • Wi-Fi Networks
    • Wi-Fi Assessments / Survey
    • Wi-Fi  Interference
    • Domestic & Commercial Wi-Fi
    • Internal and External Wi-Fi Access Points
    • Public Access Points for businesses
  • Hardwire Networks
    • Plan & Design New Networks
    • Domestic & Commercial CAT6 hardwired installations
    • Expanding Existing Networks
  • CCTV
    • IP Digital CCTV Systems
    • Remote Access
  • AV Distribution
    • HDMI Over CAT5e/6
    • Connected Smart Devices
  •  Website Design
    • Design
    • Hosting
    • Email
    • Domain Names

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WiFi Ubiquiti Networks




WiFi InterferanceWiFi Interference is a common issue in both home and business settings, affecting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and beyond. Typical signs of interference are slow network speeds, frequent dropouts, and unexpected disconnections. Our team is equipped to diagnose and address these problems promptly, whether they occur in your residence or commercial space efficiently.

Cabling InstallationCabling Site Surveys – Site surveys isolate numerous variables that you may not be aware of and help minimise surprises during actual installation. Accurate site surveys can help you determine the feasibility of an installation, budgetary constraints, and whether specialty tools or supplies are required.


WiFi SurveyWi-Fi Site Surveys – Wi-Fi surveys help determine the best possible solution for your property, by scanning the required coverage area we can diagnose Wi-Fi interference, dead spots and recommend the best equipment for whole home or business coverage.


WiFi InstallationWi-Fi Network InstallationNetSimplicity’s comprehensive Wi-Fi network installation services cover everything from design to implementation. Their custom solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges and requirements of your location. Whether it’s planning, installation, or ongoing support, they’ve got you covered


IP CCTVIP CCTV Systems – NetSimplicity installs IP based CCTV systems, IP Systems offer superior picture at better than HD quality. We undertake both domestic and commercial installation of multi camera systems and NVR Digital Recorders with secure remote viewing over the internet.


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